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Welcome to 3M ESPE Online Learning

Welcome to Espertise Interactive Learning. This website gives you immediate access to our multimedia training library where you can learn about new techniques and products.

Earn interactive CE credit by signing up for 3M ESPE live webinars. Earn self-study CE credit by viewing the on-demand webinars.

Upcoming Live CE Webinars (view all)

enter classroom Veneers, Veneers, Veneers!
Presenter: Dr. Steve Cutbirth    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  11/11/14  8:15 PM ET,  5:15 PM PT

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will learn:
1. Treatment planning and restoring complex veneer cases, including crowded and displaced teeth
2. Veneer tooth preparation techniques, including when and how to prepare through the interproximal contact
3. Defining the ideal incisal plane position of anterior teeth and how to reestablish that position when it has been lost through bruxism, an accident, inaccurate dental restorations, etc.
4. Blending the incisal plane with the occlusal plane
5. Using the patient’s lip position to establish the ideal incisal edge position
6. Cementation of veneers: higher vs. lower viscosity luting composites, precise veneer luting techniques
7. What to do with a single anterior tooth requiring restoration
8. The very best impression technique
9. Optimum communication with patients so they wish to proceed with needed veneer restoration    (enter class)

enter classroom Bulk Filling Innovations: The Truths, Myths and Science Behind the Products
Presenter: Joe Oxman    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  11/12/14  8:15 PM ET,  5:15 PM PT

This CE webinar will highlight the truths and myths of current bulk fill materials and the science behind a new bulk fill/curing solution.    (enter class)

enter classroom Clear Aligner Digital Workflow for Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. John F. Weston    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  11/20/14  8:15 PM ET,  5:15 PM PT

This CE webinar will focus on how to use digital impression technology to get an accurate impression every time as well as how to take that information and access a totally new “trusted” digital workflow for aligner fabrication.    (enter class)

Featured CE Class (view all)

enter classroom Mini Dental Implants in Partial Denture Applications
Presenter: Dr. Raymond Choi    CE Credits: 1 CEU

In this informative CE webinar, Dr. Choi will review how easily and effectively you can treat your partial denture patients with minis. It is for any dentist who wants to incorporate minis for their partial denture patients and see immediate patient satisfaction and increased practice profitability.    (enter class)

Featured Product Tutorial (view all)

enter classroom Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative

Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative is a visible, light-activated restorative composite that’s been designed to make posterior restorations simpler and faster for you. An easy-to-use one-step bulk placement solution that can help you improve productivity by eliminating steps, Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative is available in both capsules and syringes.    (enter class)

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